Packing List When Flying with a 12-18 Month Old

Remember the good ol’ days when you only had to pack for yourself and maybe even got away with waiting till the last minute to pack your stuff?

Well, those days are over! Sorry mama.  But I’m here to help.

Are you flying overseas with a young toddler for the first time?

Today I’m sharing our packing list from our flight to Japan with Addie when she was 18 months old.

I’ve read and watched a lot of blogs/vlogs on packing lists for international travel and the list below is what we actually brought with us.  I’d say this list is good for any babies from 12-18 months, so adjust as needed.


Alcohol free Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer wipes

Sanitizing wipes for tables and surfaces

Diaper wipes

Paci wipes

✓ Diapers

Dirty diaper plastic bag

✓ Change of clothes for baby (just in case)

Nursing cover if you need one


✓ First aid kit- baby Tylenol, thermometer, Frieda nose suction, boogie wipes, baby Benadryl, band aids

✓ Toys: Fidget toys, Washi tape, popsicle sticks, sticker books, coloring books, no color pens

✓ Snacks: Goldfish, Graham crackers, raisins, grapes, and to go applesauce packs

✓ Empty Sippy cup (buy water after security)

✓ AirPods

✓ Power bank

✓ iPad (load movies and apps)

✓ Passports & wallet

Baby headphones


✓ Wipes

✓ A pack of diapers

✓ Kid’s bath stuff

✓ Your toiletries

Baby carrier

✓ Phone charger

✓ Camera

✓ Camera charger

✓ Small backpack or everyday bag

✓ Your clothes & shoes

✓ Baby’s clothes & shoes

Note for nursing moms: I wasn’t breastfeeding anymore so I didn’t bring my pump. But If you’re still breastfeeding you could definitely bring your pump! Japan has awesome nursing rooms everywhere - in train stations, airports, and shopping malls. So finding a quiet, private, and clean spot to nurse will never be a problem in Japan.

Hope this helps!