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I'm Hikari! 
A Japanese American mom,
makeup artist,
travel enthusiast, 
and obsessed with bulletproof coffee. 

I created this blog as a creative outlet to share my journey as a mom and business owner.  I knew I would be a mom one day, but that day came unexpectedly and sooner than I thought.  As a career driven girl, frankly, I wasn't emotionally or mentally prepared when I found out.  Even as I’m embracing mom life, to be honest I’m still figuring this whole thing out.

And I’m guessing you are too mama.


Why read this blog?

While incredibly rewarding motherhood is, mom life can be tough and lonely. 

This blog is to serve as a resource and inspiration for women like you, who's wondering what it's like to be a mom but you're also entrepreneurial and run a business you love (or want to in the future).  It's for girl bosses turned mom bosses. It's for women who want to look and feel beautiful.  Who still want to keep her "IT factor" but get busy taking care of others and sometimes forget to take care of herself.  It's for women feeling alone in raising the next generation and want to be a part of a community.  I share practical motherhood tips I learn, my thoughts on running a business as a creative entrepreneur while being a mom, and real motherhood stories so no one feels alone.  I don't know it all and it's not perfect, but I want to take you on this journey with me.  It's ultimately about personal growth and to empower you to lead a meaningful life with your loved ones. 


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