5 Steps to Define Your Personal Style As a Mom

Today I’m sharing how I define my personal style AT THE MOMENT as a stay at home, work from home mom. My lifestyle drastically changed ever since I became a mom and I quickly discovered that in this chapter of my life, my style needed some revamping and rediscovering too.

By going through an exercise given by Lee Vosborough (creator of the 10x10 challenge), I’m pretty happy with what I’ve nailed down. At first it felt daunting, but as I went through the exercise, it was fun and I felt like I knew myself a little better. And there’s nothing better than self awareness when you’re trying to define your personal style! I’m also keeping in mind that my style will evolve over time and want to make sure I keep an open mind to all the changes that happen in different seasons of life.

Below are the questions I answered and helped me so much in understanding what it is that I actually like by putting it down on paper.  Most of us know what we like and even if you don’t think you’ve got style, you do. It’s just a matter of asking the right questions and connecting the dots.



What is my lifestyle?

So key to identifying this FIRST before you go out and start buying clothes.  Get real with yourself, what do you spend most of your time doing? Do you work in an office?  Do you work from home? Are you on the go & travel a lot? Answering this will help you choose the items to invest in your wardrobe.

For me:  Stay at home mom - work from home - hair/makeup jobs - hang out with friends

What is the weather like where I live?

This is important to note because there’s trying to dress for say, “ideal” Fall vs. real Fall based on where you’re living.  I’m based in Southern California, and while it does get chilly here during the Fall, realistically it’s still warm and sometimes even HOT (above 80s).  So while I wish I can dress in multiple layers, and chunky knits all the time… let’s be real, it’s just not realistic most of the time. So why do I have so many thick coats when it doesn’t get that cold and why do I have so many trench coats when it doesn’t rain that often?  

For me: Southern California - year round nice & warm with occasional rain

cute mom outfit minimal style hikari murakami


Not to get too woo woo, but seriously, how do your clothes make you feel?

How do you FEEL when you’re wearing a look you LOVE?

Think about how they clothes you love, make you feel, and list all words that apply.

For me: Confident, Powerful, Comfortable, Cool, Attractive

How do you FEEL when you’re wearing a look you DON’T LOVE?

List all the words that you feel when you hate the outfit you have on.

For me: Frumpy, Short, Awkward, Self Conscious, Uncomfortable



Write down all the things you DON’T like to wear

Think about certain elements of the clothes you don’t like to wear, and list all that apply. Think of actual patterns or items.

For me: Bright colors & patterns, mini skirts, high heels, super ripped up jeans, tassles, fringes, super tight clothing

Write down all the things you DO like to wear

Think of certain items and types of clothes you like wearing

For me: High waisted Jeans, button down shirts, jumpsuits, booties, vnecks, neutral colored verticle stripes, clean lines, structured shirts and coats, simple tees and sweaters

cute mom style minimal outfit Hikari bloger


Think of your favorite outfits and list them out.  This lets you see the type of silhouettes that you like on yourself.

For me:

High waisted jeans + loose sweater tucked in front + boots/sneakers

Kick crop jeans + sweater + sneakers

Slim trousers + t shirt + jacket + boots/sneakers


Write down all the key words that apply to your style

Is yours: chic, easy, comfortable, boho, lux, relaxed, free, trendy, edgy, etc.

For me



After writing it all down, I’m even more excited
to really build a wardrobe I love
more mindfully.

Hope you enjoy this exercise as much as I did!