Hooray!  I'm 39 weeks, and less than a week away from my due date (10/5 to be exact!)  I can't believe d-day is so soon.  That said, I thought I'd share on how I'm preparing for a new baby this last week.  Part 1 is today's post about hospital bag essentials and Part 2 will be about how I've been preparing emotionally/mentally.

I'm also excited to be partnering with Gymboree on today's post!  One of the items you'd want to pack in your hospital bag is a newborn outfit for when you and your baby is ready to go home. Or when you want to take cute photos at the hospital, duh!  When it comes to baby clothes, Gymboree has some of the cutest outfits, widely available in stores and online.  They also make great gifts for baby showers!  

gymboree newborn clothes lo and sons hikari murakami blogger

I've asked several other moms on what their lists were,  and I've decided to bring the following items.  I only want to bring what's necessary, and not overpack!


1.  Going Home Outfit!

I can't imagine what it's going to feel like to bring the baby you birth, back home.  WOA.  What a perfect time to dress up your baby for the first time!  I'll be bringing one of these cute outfits from Gymboree! Which one do you guys like?  I know I'll be taking lots of photos, so I can't wait to start dressing her up.

gymboree newborn clothes hikari murakami blogger
gymboree newborn clothes hikari murakami blogger

 Thanks so much to Gymboree for sending me these cute outfits to post!

Major sweepstakes alert!  

Gymboree is celebrating September, since it's the most popular birth month! They've teamed up with 5 of their favorite baby-focused brands to bring new and expecting parents the ultimate giveaway for their baby! Their Baby’s First Bundle sweepstakes is giving away over $2,000 in prizes from Gymboree, Summer Infant, OXO Tot, Ergobaby, Magic Cabin, and Beech-Nut.  Make sure to enter in their sweepstakes HERE!  You don't want to miss this chance!

2.  Swaddle(s)

I believe the hospital gives you some, but if you prefer to bring your own (which is going to be much cuter!), you should!  I'm bringing mine from Aden and Anais.

3.  Burpcloth

This was an item I didn't even think about it.  I'm such a newb.  You gotta prepare for spit ups!


1.  PJs and Slippers

These might not seem like necessary items, but if I can be a little more comfortable, I'll go the extra mile!  I've heard you only get those hospital gowns that expose your back unless you have your own clothes.  While I'm sure it's fine and still bearable, if I can get into my jammies I will.  Slippers are to keep my feet comfortable and warm if I need to walk around the hospital/go to the bathroom.

2.  Nursing Bras (and Nursing Pads)

For when you breastfeed and easy access for the baby :)  Nursing pads are for your leaky boobs!  Enough said.  I think the hospital gives you some, but bring some extras of your own so you don't need to ask your nurses all the time.

3.  Nipple Cream

To keep your nipples from drying out and help it heal in between breastfeeding sessions.  

4.  Essential Oils

I've used Lavendar and Peppermint essential oils throughout my pregnancy.  Lavendar for when I feel anxious, and peppermint for when I felt nauseous.  They both worked well for me and I intend to bring them for during labor too.  My friend gifted me an aroma diffuser, which I'll be bringing too!

5.  Light Snacks

I've heard that once you're checked into the hospital,  they don't feed you while you're in labor (for good reason) except ice chips.  Reasons being, you might get sick (throw up or diarrhea, ick) and I guess the emptier your stomach, less likely this will happen.  But did you know average first time mom's labor is 24 hours?  I can't imagine not having anything in my system for that long.  So I was advised to bring light snacks, like granolas, nuts, and honeysticks.  If I end up not needing to eat, then so be it.  But I'd rather have some options.

6.  Going Home Outfit for Mom

I know we can be excited about dressing up the baby all cute when going home, but don't forget to bring your own going home outfit!  Doesn't need to be fancy - In fact, I've heard that after what your body's just gone through, you're going to want to be COMFORTABLE.  No jeans, or tight waisted pants.  Think loose! Loose tank top and loose pants/leggings.  I'll probably bring a loose top and loose black overalls.

gymboree newborn clothes lo and sons hikari murakami blogger

Hope this helps for all the first time mommies out there.  For all other experienced mommies, please let me me know if I'm missing anything!  Adjust the list accordingly to your liking, but I think (or hope!) this is enough.  You don't want to overpack especially because you'll be bringing something extra and special back home...your baby!

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