Second Trimester Recap & Highlights

OH the glorious 2nd trimester!

Now that I've experienced the 1st trimester (read all about it HERE) and we're now at 31 weeks and into our 3rd trimester, I can say with confidence that 2nd trimester was the BEST trimester!  I can't believe time flew by SO fast.  It still feels like it was just yesterday that we found out we were pregnant.  But at the same time, so much as happened since.  I'm looking back at my 2nd trimester and sharing some of the most memorable recaps!

1.  Bump, bump, bump

My bump actually became a noticeable baby bump after week 17.  Until then, I wasn't showing to that extent, so I probably looked like I had a really bloated stomach.  It was in this trimester that I started getting comments like "you're showing now!" or "cute bump!" People wanted to feel the bump and I definitely felt and looked more pregnant.  For some reason, the baby bump made me feel good and empowered :)

pregnancy recap 2nd trimester blogger

2. Flutters?  Tapping?  Is that the baby kicking?

I knew I was suppose to start feeling the baby kick in the 2nd trimester.  While everyone ranges of when, people were saying around week 21 and on, you should feel movement.  I wasn't feeling her at week 21 and 22, and I was starting to get worried.  But when week 23 hit, I started noticing what felt like small taps.  At first, it was really hard to tell if I was feeling the baby kick or if I was just gassy, lol.  But eventually I just knew it was the baby kicking.  And once you know what it is, it's a surreal feeling.  Being a first time mom, it was neat to experience this for the first time.

pregnancy recap 2nd trimester blogger

3.  I performed on stage with the baby!

 I have to say the highlight of my 2nd trimester was performing on stage at 22 weeks pregnant.  You may or may not know that I used to be a dancer.  I danced competitively since I was in high school, in college I joined a hip hop dance crew called Kaba Modern, and continued to dance years after.  I stopped about 6 years ago.  But a very special opportunity came up this year to dance again with the alumnis of Kaba Modern.  Our directors chose a dance piece I choreographed back in 2009, to bring back to stage this year!  I posted a link below if you want to check it out (the piece starts at 2:13)!

I was nervous going into the whole process because there was lot of worries surrounding dancing while pregnant.  Could I do it? Would something happen to the baby?  Is it safe?  I didn't have anyone close to me that went through something similar that I could seek advise.  But after consulting with my doctor and a promise to myself that I would only do what I could, I decided to just go for it. I'm so glad that I did, because I got to perform again....with the baby in my belly! I was so blown away from the support I got from the team, I couldn't be more grateful and happy.  Also sad that it ended.  It was such a fun experience and I get to share this with the baby when she's growing up!

4.  Cravings

Haha, cravings crack me up because it gets so specific.  My main ones were....meat.  Either briskets from Korean BBQ or Shabu Shabu.  Mcflurrys... 3 days in a row.  Ice cream. Lots of it :p

5.  You feel like yourself

The best part of 2nd trimester is that nausea (usually) goes away.  You get your appetite back.  You get your energy back.   I know this can be different for everyone, but I really did feel a lot better and more like myself.  I don't know if it was the baby and elevated good hormones? but I was really happy in the 2nd trimester.  My suggestion is to take advantage and appreciate this trimester.  Talk to your doctor about any concerns you have, but eat what you like, do what you like and makes you happy, and don't stress too much.

It's hard to believe the next recap will be right before the baby comes!  Or maybe even after.  I hope to share my birth story when our baby girl comes.

But until then....wish me luck on the 3rd trimester!