My Post Baby Journey to Happiness

I was having a conversation a while back with a friend, and she said something that made me think. “It’s amazing how having kids forces your heart to open.”  I was telling her my struggles surrounding motherhood and how that’s affected the way I see my business and life in general.  I completely agree with her.  I do feel like my heart’s been “forced” wide open, in a way that God & the universe is taking me down a path that’s very different from what I thought.  But the road to happiness took awhile, and let me tell you why.

mom blogger mindset blog hikari murakami la oc mom postpartum

On grieving my old self

These past few months, I’ve struggled so much mentally.  My daughter is the biggest gift of life, and yet with this gift, came a loss.  A loss of identity and a loss of my older self, past dreams and wants.  It might sound dramatic, and of course I LOVE my daughter.  But sometimes you just can’t help how you feel.  To give you context, I went from a having a full time job, my freelance business as a makeup artist, being a content creator, and just really into my career in general…to a stay at home mom.  I want to be clear there’s nothing wrong with that.  It needs to be celebrated MORE, but that's another topic haha.  But just trust me that this is a huge change for a woman.  And takes awhile to adjust.

Around 4 months postpartum, I recovered fully physically and went "back to work" from home.  I’ve been a work from home, stay at home mom since and I was doing “fine.”  But around 10 months postpartum, I started to feel unhappy, a void, and even resented being home all day.  I’ve realized my mind was not in a good place.  Neither was my heart.  I really was just forcing it.  I was forcing myself to be happy.  I was telling myself I was ok.  But really I wasn’t.  So I finally accepted this, and I let myself grieve.   Grieved for my old ways and old identity. 

But ladies, there’s GOOD in this.  There always is.

Because when you grieve, you can let go.

On a Healthier and Happier Mindset Shift

This is why I started my journey surrounding true happiness and now pursuing the dreams of my new self.  My new identity.  There’s a new way of living when you change your perception, reprogram your mind, and redefine your happy.

So I want to help.   

I want to help people like you who are entrepreneurial moms with powerful mindset shifts, so you can transform your business and life at home.  I'm taking you on this journey with me.  Because we deserve it. 

I’ll be incorporating more posts about:
Healthy mindsets
Abundant thinking
How to practice more gratitude
Practical ways on how to take action on your dreams

Ultimately my intention is to give you the tools to live the life you want. 

This is especially for you biz mamas because our life affects our little ones and it’s important we fill our cup first before we can do this for our children.  We are their role models and we help shape their future, so let's take responsibility and do this together.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Till’ next time!

mom blogger mindset blog hikari murakami la oc mom postpartum
mom blogger mindset blog hikari murakami la oc mom postpartum