How to Style as a New Mom

So here I am.  For 2018, I want to start sharing outfit ideas and tips on how to style your postpartum body.

Ever since I could remember, I've followed all my favorite bloggers and their cute style for inspiration and still do.  But when I got pregnant, I found myself looking at them and going... "Umm I DEFINITELY can't wear that cute tight crop top and high waisted jeans from so and so brand that doesn't offer preggo friendly clothing! just won't fit!"  I had to do more digging and do my own research when it came to styling my constantly changing body.  That's when I found pregnant and mom bloggers who were sharing outfit ideas, and that really helped me.

Through researching and trying out different outfits, I found a lot of cute sites and items that worked well.  But I was hesitant to start a style blog, because I thought I'd come across as a poser, and kind of like....who are you?   I'm definitely not one to be the trend setter, but more of the consumer.  And if I'm being honest, I don't dress up most of the time right now lol.  #Momlife, hello. I stay at home a lot taking care of a newborn, and you will find me in shorts and a t-shirt with coffee stains on it.  Not pretty.  But when I get the chance to go out, I love putting an outfit together, dressing up, doing my hair/makeup, and feeling pretty.  Come on, who doesn't?  Nevertheless, I always find myself looking for cute fits that are affordable and occasional splurge-worthy hero items to style for my new body.

motherhood cute mom outfits hikari murakami blogger

I've been thinking for a very long time whether or not to start sharing my personal style on my blog, especially when I got pregnant and now a mom.  I was the first among my friends who got pregnant, so I didn't have anyone to bounce outfit ideas with.  Like, where can I get some really cute maternity jeans with different washes and cuts?  What about a cute dress for a gala event?  How do I dress for that awkward stage from after giving birth?  Even though I eventually found stuff, I really wished that there were more resources out there for pregnant woman and mothers.  So here I am.  For 2018, I want to start sharing outfit ideas and tips on how to style your postpartum body as I work to get my body back (more on this later!), AND still look nice and put together.



As a mom, more than ever being comfortable is key.  But I don't believe that comes with the sacrifice of being cute.  So most of the time I throw on an oversized sweater tucked into my jeans.  This can still kind of cover up any muffin tops from your postpartum weight but still give you a waistline by tucking your sweater in.


Key word is stretchy.  I love jeans.  Who doesn't?  But since I'm still trying to lose the postpartum weight and mommy pouch (ugh!) I need my pants to have a stretchy material.  But stretchy or not, I've had to size up 2 sizes.  Seriously, the key to dressing your postpartum body is to suck it up (your ego, not your stomach ;)) and size UP.  I also like to look for mid-rise, high-rise or high waisted pants.  These help to keep the lower "pouch" or loose lower abs IN.  Low rise won't work. period.  They slip off.  And THAT'S not cute when you're constantly having to pull up your pants.


Since it's still winter and a bit chilly, I will still go for boots when going out.  I love the look of boots because I think it goes with anything.  It can instantly polish your look, and depending on what you're wearing, you can either dress down or dress up with boots.  I think black boots are always a good investment.  As for shoes though  this year, I want to experiment with cute sneakers that can go with most outfits.  I rarely go for the sneaker look, but as a mom, I want to start investing in some!

So there you have it.  Simple!  This is the recipe to my outfits, more or less, for when I go out to get coffee with friends, go to the mall, or a day out with Addie.

Do you guys like these kind of posts?  Let me know in the comments!

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motherhood cute mom outfits hikari murakami blogger
So here I am.  For 2018, I want to start sharing outfit ideas and tips on how to style your postpartum body.

Top: WhoWhat Wear Collection @ Target | Jeans: Zara

Boots: Steve by Steve Madden | Hat: Forever 21