A New Perspective For 2018

hikari murakami blogger stokke stroller motherhood

Happy New Year everyone!

Yes yes, I know.  It's already mid January but I thought I'd still share what my goals and intentions are for 2018.  I think writing and putting it out into the world is always a good idea and a great start to a new year. 

Before I get into what 2018 looks like, I want to take a moment to reflect on 2017.  2017 was a whirlwind.  At the beginning of 2017, I was confused and didn't know exactly what I wanted to accomplish.  I decided whatever it was I ended up doing, I was going to document more, do more, think less, and adventure/travel.  Looking back, I can say I was able to accomplish those things in ways that I didn't imagine.  I wanted to travel, document, and blog about my adventures, but when I got pregnant in February, this took a turn.  While it took a while for me to announce this to the world, I started sharing my entire pregnancy journey and my honest thoughts on the transition to motherhood as a first time mom.  When I first started sharing via my Instagram, I didn't know how people would react.  I didn't think it would be that interesting and thought my life would now be "boring" to follow.  Because who would think that motherhood is more interesting than traveling the world?!

But I was wrong. The response was overwhelmingly positive.  I was sharing both the good and "bad"...err..let's call it struggles instead.. of this whole new world of motherhood to me.  I was excited about being a mom but also scared of losing my identity as a career minded woman who still had a lot of dreams and goals to achieve.   I've never gotten so many messages about how they loved my honesty and how so many women have felt (or are feeling) the same way.  So the whole irony is that the thing I thought would be boring, ended up being the most interesting.

I realized that once I accepted and embraced this new chapter in my life, everything fell into place.  The most important was my happiness and sense of purpose.

hikari murakami blogger stokke stroller

What I learned in 2017:

  1. Accept and embrace the season you're in right now.

  2. Stop comparing and just be you and do you.

  3. Your life is not over when you become a mom.  If anything, you feel more motivated to push yourself.

hikari murakami blogger stokke stroller motherhood

So what does 2018 look like?

Blog Goals

1.  Content

I want to create content around motherhood while being a creative and business owner.  Let's be real.  We live in a time where more woman are the breadwinners of their households, or own businesses, and/or are CEOs.  I think a lot of woman (including myself) are scared to become moms to lose this part of herself.  But I'm here to share you can do both if you wanted to.  Motherhood is not luxurious and very very hard, but the most rewarding "job" out there.  But also rewarding is being an individual with your own vision and dreams.  So this year on this blog, you'll be seeing topics on Addie, honest motherhood, balancing career and motherhood, and mommy and me lifestyle posts.

2.  Share More Beauty 

Quite literally.  I took to Instagram polls a couple of days ago and asked if you guys were interested in seeing beauty posts.  To my surprise, you guys said yes!  In fact, between motherhood topics and beauty topics, the interest was pretty much half and half.   If you didn't know, I'm a professional makeup artist and hairstylist and earn a living doing this.  And I love it!  I feel the most in my element when I'm doing makeup/hair.  I think it's time I start sharing my favorite beauty items and how you can use them. 


Professional Goals

1.  Work It

As a makeup artist/hairstylist, I want to continue to book more projects and weddings.  Last year I slowed down during my pregnancy and took a complete break when my baby was born.  With this new year, I want to get back into full commission. 

2.  Community

I want to network more, get back into the community to create new relationships, as well as reestablish existing ones. 

3.  Take Classes

Last year I didn't get to take any classes, but it's a goal of mine to take at least 1 hair class and 1 makeup class this year.  I love learning new tips and approaches that's different from mine and I believe this makes me a better artist!

4.  Behind the Scenes and Videos

This year you will see more behind the scenes from events, projects, and weddings that I do over on my Instastories.  So make sure you're following me there!  Don't miss out on chats about makeup, tutorials, and product reviews. 


Personal Goals

1.  Get Healthy 

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not exactly the healthiest person.  When it comes to my own health, I'm lazy.  And never consistent.  I didn't stress about this too much before I had Addie, but after having her, I'm rethinking my whole situation on this.  Mainly because I'm really feeling it in my body how unhealthy I am.  There's 2 things I wish I had more of.  Energy and strength.  I feel tired all the time and because I feel tired, I feel weak. So I'm actually going to put more effort towards this.  My goal isn't necessarily to lose weight but it would be nice to lose the mommy pouch...haha.  My ultimate reason is to stay healthy for my family and have energy for a growing child.

2.  Find a Workflow that Works

I never knew how much time I had before the baby, until I had a baby.  Because now I have no time especially with a 4 month old!  Every second counts!  I'm currently a stay at home mom, but also a business owner that works from home, and does everything at home.  So time management's been my biggest struggle thus far after having a baby.  My goal is to figure out a schedule that works for me while taking care of the baby.  I'm trying different things  but once I find a good flow, I'll let you know!  Let me know in the comments if you have any tips!

hikari murakami blogger stokke stroller motherhood
hikari murakami blogger stokke stroller motherhood

Pretty excited to see what 2018 has in store and I'm excited to share this new chapter of my life with Addie!