hikari murakami oc la makeup artist

Los Angeles makeup artist & blogger

Hailing from the bay area, Hikari Murakami now resides in the Orange County & Los Angelesarea creating beauty and art through makeup artistry in any location where her work is desired. She is a dedicated individual to pursuing her dreams and goals. Having been an international hip hop dancer, choreographer, and teacher for 10 years, she always knew creativity was her forte. While her dance career flourished, she always loved the getting-ready part of a show, audition, or special event, as makeup was another art that enhanced & complemented a dancer's life. It was during her life as a dancer that Hikari realized makeup artistry was a passion that was there all along.

Hikari pursued her passion and received formal training, specializing in beauty, corrective techniques, bridal, and special occasions. She loves to be a part of the process of creating art, whether it would be working on music videos, giving everyday makeup tips during private lessons, making a bride feel special and beautiful on her wedding day, or being on set for fashion editorials & lookbooks.

Hikari is known for her friendly and easy to work with personality with utmost professionalism. Her ultimate goal for any work or ocassion, is to create a beautiful canvas that is cohesive with the client's need coupled with Hikari's talent!