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hikari murakami business strategist

I'm a beauty expert & Educator

Personal brand strategist for creative moms

and here's my story

I'm a dancer turned makeup artist and personal brand strategist for creative entrepreneurs.   While climbing the corporate ladder for 10 years, I ignored all signs and intuitions that I needed to fully pursue my creative business.  Well, God and the Universe finally gave me the biggest nudge, in the opposite direction.  I got pregnant.  Had my daughter, and went on maternity leave.

Then I got laid off.  Yes, during maternity leave.

Well, if this isn't a big nudge, I'm not sure what is.  In that moment I had a choice.  Start the stressful process of looking for a job while taking care of our newborn (not to mention I was still recovering and going through postpartum depression) or trust that this was a sign for something better. 

I focused on myself internally. 

I believe you're here for a reason.  Literally and well, in life too. Chances are, you're looking for more in your life.

Do you:

  • Feel like you're losing yourself in motherhood?

  • Love your baby but love work too, and feel lost in how to navigate both?

  • Want to show the world you've still got it? 

  • Feel like you're life is boring now, because you're a mom?

  • Want more time to spend with your family and loved ones?

  • Want to call the shots of when and how you spend your time?


I believe:

  • You deserve a chance to be and do something you've always wanted to

  • Moms need to support each other

Hello and welcome!  My name is Hikari, a blogger and a professional makeup artist based in sunny Orange County, CA.  I created this blog as a creative outlet to share my journey as a mom and business owner.  I knew I would be a mom one day, but that day came unexpectedly and sooner than I thought.  And frankly, I wasn't emotionally or mentally prepared when I found out.  But I've now fully embraced the mom life as my daughter, Adeline (Addie) was born.  As much as this blog is about my daughter, it's more about being a mom, while balancing my career as a makeup artist, managing this blog, and being my own mom boss.  This blog is to serve as a resource and inspiration for other moms (or soon to be) who wants stay a boss babe while being a mom by covering topics on motherhood, style/beauty, and career.

Please shoot me an email [hello@hikarimurakami.com] anytime with questions for me, or topic suggestions for this blog.  I would love to hear from you!


    Fun Facts About Me:

    • I'm a cat lover (we have a handsome grey and white tabby cat, Alfie!) 
    • Paris and Tokyo are my favorite cities
    • I specialize in beauty and wedding makeup/hair (see my bridal website here!)
    • INFP all the way
    • My dream is to travel the world with my family